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Our story

Welcome to Re:art!



I am Bojana and Re:art is a story I tell by hands. Every
piece is designed, hand-crafted and hand-painted by me.

I enjoy porcelain but what I love the most is seeing
a nicely wrapped piece continue its story with you.


handmade porcelain plates


 I make small series of porcelain pieces that I rarely repeat.

Sometimes, I like to go with a flow and make something
completely unplanned but I also like working on custom-made pieces
together with you.

I focus on the beauty and elegance of porcelain,
modern design and exclusively handcraft approach.


Less is more.


From a small, home-based ceramics studio, we have grown into a family business
that I run together with my husband Rade who is in charge of marketing, shipping and
everything to allow me to focus on design and production.

You are most welcome to visit us in Re:art Shop&Studio in Belgrade, Zetska 4a.

Re Art Concept Shop&Studio


In this on-line shop you can find almost all pieces I currently have in offer.


Psst! I restock twice a month. 


Let me show you what I've got in my shop!


Let’s get in touch!

mob.: +381 64 301 76 98





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