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*Porcelain hand-poured and hand-crafted candle, black, decorated with gold


This piece is glazed with dark brown/black glaze on the outside and transparent from the inside which gives a wonderful contrast. Gold ornament applied on the edge is an elegant border between the white wax inside and the dark glaze on the outside. Candles have no fragrance.

Each piece is packed in a black and white bag with black ribbon. The bags are specially designed for this series. Each piece is unique and will not be repeated.

Dimensions 10cmx8cm with minor deviations.

Each piece is made on the wheel in order to obtain a proper and balanced shape.

P.S.- If you eventually wish to turn it into a mug just leave it in a freeze for overnight ;)


For custom-made pieces, please send us a message below right.

Every each piece is food safe and dishwasher and oven friendly.




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